Unknowned Forum==

The idea here was to help every user into locating what pokemon they had and not knowing what would happen next, I was demoted to member and banned but with that idea, I then made Infernapes Revenge and after all that, the pokedex didn't even make it in till Version 3 came out.

Infernapes Revenge V3Edit

After awhile, The feature was set up after putting the site down for maintence. Everyone was surprised and kind of happy for the pokedex was there and even had an area for Custom pokemon, the most coolest feature there was the custom pokemon slot which everyone could see how much f them were there.

The Rise of InfernapeEdit

It will have a couple of new updates ... maybe so yea that is all for TRoI


It is a gadget which is normally colored red. It is used to track and save pokemon the user has seen over their adventure. The name is Dexter in which he will tell you what type of pokemon it is and save it into the pokedex so the person knows what it is and so on. The special Pokedex in the Yanta is colored Blue instead of the Red scheme. It keeps moves also so you could know the moves of your pokemon.

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