The early timesEdit

They started out as just a couple of people who wanted to corrupt the pokemon but a undercover agent called Joshua then befriended a Chimchar, unknowing to him would be the most biggest mistake to him and Shadow X, after awhile a unamed trainer then saved Infernape and destroyed Shadow X thus saving Legata Region for know.

Later TimesEdit

During the events of the destruction of the Shadow X branch in Yanta, the people were scared of the pokemon that were attacking their regions but then a trainer then defeated this virus cause by Shadow X and saved the world from this virus. During these times another trainer was attacking Shadow X with the same Infernape they once corrupted and destroyed the group but at the cost of Infernape.


After what happened at the building with Infernape you then start walking just to see Shadow X attacking the city again and afterwards you get ready to battle the group that you thought was defeated.

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