Infernapes LegacyEdit

What happened after the destruction of Shadow X and Infernape in which you find out Shadow X is still running and you get out to destroy them for Infernape.

Infernapes Revenge V2Edit

A basic thing in where you partner up with Infernape and destroy Shadow X and uncover the secrets they have been trying to hide. In the end you learn that Infernape has died from the explosion and you think that Shadow X has been defeated.

Infernapes Revenge V3 / 3.5Edit

As a young trainer you start out with a couple of pokemon and walk around and learn about these people called Shadow X and how they are corrupting pokemon to start there own private army, You uncover an EMP device, A old Shadow X base and their plans. You finish off one branch of Shadow X that stood in the way in the Yanta Region.

The Rise of InfernapeEdit

You start out has a trainer who is an undercover Shadow X member called Joshua that gains the trust of his partner called Chimchar, After awhile you start out as a Trainer in which he is just starting out and he learns about the Group who is just starting called Shadow X and your plans to stop them and rescue the trapped Infernape, following the later series of Infernapes Revenge and Legacy.

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