Infernapes LegacyEdit

The first in it's series, It isn't much but it goes around the death of Infernape and what has happened to it after it's death.

Inferno InfernapeEdit

This was a spin off of the series, forgotton about the site, it died after a week with a story of save the world from the virus that is consuming the world. You went from Kanto to Jhoto to Hoenn.

Infernapes RevengeEdit

The third installment now, Started from being bored turned into a great RPG. There was the evil organization called Shadow X and how they stole pokemon and made them corrupt and enraged. There was lots of updates including Houses, Maps, Items and of course Gyms. A storymode has been made a long time ago but after awhile it was deleted, The story evolved on how Shadow X was corrupting pokemon and you were sent out by Prof. Oak and destroy this group.

Infernapes Revenge ClanEdit

This spin-off of Infernapes Revenge is to start clan battles using pokemon and become the best. You could start your own clan which would cost you or you could join one which is free. After awhile the site has died down a lot and then was forgotten by the community.

Story ModeEdit

Not the original but by me, It was nicknamed Map 2 not knowing I would make a Mini campaign. The first of it was called "The beggining of an adventure" following the events of you starting as a trainer and getting a secret item, The next one was called "The Secret Ruin" after you exploring you saw this temple and with the secret item the door opened and you explored looking for a mystery plate and the powerful regi's, After that you went to "The path to deoxys" in which the temple was a holding place for Deoxys and after walking around you fell down a secret tunnel with your Mystery Plate and Secret item opening the trap door, You then walked towards "The final Run" in which you meet me (which I have a Mystery Orb) and then walk towards this shrine and go towards "The Final Battle" in which you battle all nine arceus types and after you finish them off, you can keep one in which it destroys your Secret Item and Mystery Plate, Ending your adventure.

The Rise of InfernapeEdit

The fourth in the series and the evolution of chimchar before Shadow X corrupted the Infernape. It explains the story of Chimchar, Shadow X and other stuff before the events of Infernapes Legacy and Infernapes Revenge.


In the story of your adventure, The items (Mystery Plate, Secret Item and Unknown Orb) are all part of an Arceus.

When you go exploring you always are referred to either a unknown trainer or it so you wouldn't get confused and would avoid it being a male or a female trainer.

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